Queer, Horror, Drag, Burlesque, Fetish and first and foremost Halloween in a unique mix of performances from local and international performers. Come be entertained and experience a night full of glamour, bizarre obscenity, stunning costumes and everything unusual and unexpected.

Kalinka Kalashnikow

Burlesque Headliner | Austria

Kalinka Kalaschnikow

The secret weapon of burlesque. She mesmerizes the audience with her unique interpretation of flamboyant beauty and entertaining storytelling whilst teasing with her extravagant and eccentric aesthetics. This conceptual excellence has made her Vienna’s most recognised burlesque dancer. Beyond the stage she supports and promotes burlesque and all kinds of performance art, and produces shows like the famous Cirque Rouge.

Drag Headliner | United Kingdom

Paul Aleksandr

Paul Aleksandr is an alternative drag performer combining glitter, goth and plenty of theatrical humour and weirdness. Over the last five years they have performed all over the UK as a lipsync and sideshow artist, scare actor and producer. They’ve supported Dragrace and Dragula artists, toured with Adore Delano and were featured at events such as Torture Garden and DragWorld.

Paul Aleksander
Angelica G.L'Amour

Burlesque Headliner | Czech Republic

Angelica G. L’Amour

This cosmopolitan vixen is the “True Bohemian”, from the Czech Republic that is. She is fiery yet romantic like an angel with a devil inside or vice versa. Her love of arts, movies and fashion reflects in her inspirations and costumes for memorable concept routines. During her nine-year career, she has performed literally all over the world and is the founder of Bohemian Burlesque and the annual Bohemian Burlesque Festival.

Drag | Czech Republic

Dima Arrest

Fetish | Slovakia

Chlorophyll von Needle

Aerial Chains | Czech Republic & Canada


Burlesque | Czech Republic

Linde von Schwärze

Drag | United Kingdom

King Confuza

Drag | Czech Republic

Aladdin Jane

Drag | Germany

Menorah Tea

Burlesque | United Kingdom

Minnie Milk

Drag | Czech Republic


The Seven Deadly Sins Show

Melancholia Blackbile

DJ | Czech Republic

Djane Whitecat

Host | USA

Action Jackson

The evening is hosted by

the producer of Blood Ball Melancholia Blackbile, and Action Jackson from The Gay Agenda

Melancholia Blackbile is a premier Czech drag queen, actor and queer event producer based in Prague. Blood Ball, which she founded in 2018, is her largest annual production. As a performer, Melancholia does burlesque, sideshow and fetish acts with acrobatics elements and extravagant costumes, and regularly performs across the Czech Republic as well as in her native Austria, Germany and other countries.

Melancholia Blackbile, Blood Ball 2019